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General Provisions

These Terms of Service (‘Terms’) define terms of use of services, products and software developed and provided by Bitcoin Global (Glolink Technologies Corporation), and constitute an electronic agreement between you as a user (the ‘User’ or ‘you’) and Bitcoin Global (the ‘Bitcoin Global’, ‘we’ or ‘us’).

Bitcoin Global is an online P2P trading service for buying and selling cryptocurrency(ies). As part of its services Bitcoin Global also helps resolving disputes if such should arise between buyers and sellers. Bitcoin Global does not become a party to any trade or transaction concluded solely by its Users. Users may be natural persons or legal entities.

‘Services’ or ‘Service’ in these Terms refer to all Bitcoin Global services, products and software available to Users through the Bitcoin Global Platform.

‘Platform’ refers to the Bitcoin Global Platform, designated for trading of cryptocurrency, accessible by User via the Website, mobile application, Telegram bot and/or via other means, specifically created by Bitcoin Global for that purpose.

The text of these Terms of Service posted on https://bitcoin.global/ contains all the essential terms and conditions of a public offer of Bitcoin Global Services, products and software. Essential and integral parts of these Terms of Service are Privacy Policy and Fees.

Bitcoin Global refers to all entities/parties that manage/run the Bitcoin Global Platform , including but not limited to legal persons, unincorporated organizations and teams that provide Bitcoin Global Services and are responsible for such Services. For convenience, unless otherwise stated, references to ‘Bitcoin Global’, ‘we’ specifically mean the appropriate entities/parties that manage/run the Platform. Under these Terms, Bitcoin Global may change as Bitcoin Global’s business adjusts, in which case, the changed operators shall perform their obligations under these Terms with you and provide Services to you, and such change does not affect your rights and interests under these Terms. Additionally, the scope of Bitcoin Global may be expanded due to the provision of new Bitcoin Global Services, in which case, if you continue to use Bitcoin Global Services, it is deemed that you have agreed to jointly execute these terms with the newly added Bitcoin Global Services. In case of a dispute, you shall determine the entities by which these terms are performed with you and the counterparties of the dispute, depending on the specific services you use and the particular actions that affect your rights or interests.

This agreement is deemed to be concluded between you and the Bitcoin Global on the date and time you start using the Services provided by the Bitcoin Global. These are legal terms and conditions of using Services. No other materials, including website texts, prospects, blog posts, and other marketing material should be considered as establishing and defining legal relationship between the user and the Bitcoin Global.

Use of the Services occurs in the country of registration of the appropriate entity/party, managing the Platform regardless of the user's physical location.


Depending on your country of citizenship and/or residence, you may not be able to use all the functions of the Platform. It is your responsibility to follow the laws and regulations of your country of citizenship/residence and/or country from which you access the Platform and the Services, as well as other applicable laws and regulations.

The English version of this Terms of Service has the effect of original and is the only valid version for interpretation.

1. Eligibility and Acceptable Use

1.1. The User can act only on his/her own behalf and cannot use the Services as an agent, intermediary or broker for another person, organization, entity.

1.2. The User must reach the age of majority and acquire full legal capacity in the country of his/her citizenship and/or residence to use our Platform and Services.

1.3. The use of the Platform and Services is prohibited for: the persons who are in, under control or are citizens or residents of FATF blacklisted countries and/or countries subject to the United Nations Security Council Sanctions List, the European Union, HM Treasury's financial sanctions regimes, the United States embargo or other organization’s sanctions (a "Sanctioned Country"); and the persons under the EU, HM Treasury's financial sanctions regime, the U.S. Treasury Department's Specially Designated Nationals List, the U.S. Commerce Department's Denied Persons List or in other organization’s sanction list (a "Sanctioned Person").

1.4. Before accessing and using the Services offered by Bitcoin Global the User must assure himself/herself that the use of the Bitcoin Global Services and the Platform is allowed in the country of his/her citizenship/residence or the country from which the User accesses the Services and the Platform, as well as check if there are any possible legal limitations and/or restrictions regarding the access and use of the Services and the Platform. It is the User’s sole responsibility to follow all the applicable laws and regulations and comply with the restrictions and prohibitions of his/her country of citizenship/residence and/or country from which the User accesses the Bitcoin Global Services and Platform.

Bitcoin Global takes no liability for the access and use of the Services and the Platform by the Person who is the citizen/resident or accesses the Services and the Platform from the country in which the access to and use of the Bitcoin Global Services and Platform is prohibited by law or where there are any other limitations and restrictions of the access and use of the mentioned above.

1.5. When accessing or using our Platform and Services, the User agrees not to violate any law, contract, intellectual property or other third-party right or commit a tort, and agrees to be solely responsible for his/her conduct while using our Platform and Services. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the User agrees not to:

  • use our Services in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect or inhibit other Users from fully enjoying our Platform and Services, or that could damage, disable, overburden or impair the functioning of our Platform and Services in any manner;
  • use our Platform and Services to pay for, support or otherwise engage in any illegal gambling activities, scam activities, fraud, money-laundering, or terrorist activities, or other illegal activities;
  • use any robot, spider, crawler, scraper or other automated means or interface not provided by us to access our Platform and Services or to extract data;
  • use or attempt to use another User's account without authorization;
  • use another account registered on the Platform (multi-accounts);
  • attempt to circumvent any content filtering techniques we employ, or attempt to access any Service or area of our Platform and Services that you are not authorized to access;
  • develop any third-party applications that interact with our Platform and Services without our prior written consent;
  • provide false, inaccurate, or misleading information;
  • use the Platform and Services if the User is a citizen/resident or accesses the Platform and Services from the country where Bitcoin Global does not provide Services;
  • encourage or induce any third party to engage in any of the activities prohibited in the European Union or in the country of his/her residence.

1.6. The User is not entitled to sell, lend, share or otherwise transfer his/her account or any data necessary to access the account to third parties. The User should never allow remote access or share the computer screen with someone else when he/she is logged in to his/her account. The User is responsible for maintaining security and control over all of his/her logins, passwords, two-factor authentication codes or any other codes or data the User uses to access the Platform and Services. Bitcoin Global is not responsible for any losses incurred by the User due to unauthorized access to the User’s account, access of third parties to the User's password/account. The User must immediately notify Bitcoin Global of the loss of the password and/or data of account or illegal access of third parties to the account.

1.7. To use our Platform and Services the User may need to fulfill certain legal obligations in his/her country of citizenship/residence and/or country from which he/she accesses the Platform and the Services. By accepting these Terms the User confirms that he/she has reviewed his/her local laws and regulations and that he/she is aware of, and fulfills, any and all such obligations.

1.8. Bitcoin Global reserves the right to choose markets and jurisdictions in which it operates, and may restrict or prohibit use of all or a part of the Services from certain jurisdictions the list of which is available on the Bitcoin Global website.

2. Due Diligence and “Know Your Customer” Procedure (KYC)

2.1. The purpose of customer due diligence is to prevent the use of assets and propferty obtained in a criminal manner in economic activities. Customer due diligence is aimed, first and foremost, at applying the Know-Your-Customer principle, under which a customer shall be identified and the appropriateness of transactions shall be assessed based on the customer’s principal business and prior pattern of payments. In addition, customer due diligence serves to identify unusual circumstances in the operations of a customer or circumstances whereby the Bitcoin Global has reason to suspect money laundering or terrorist financing. Requirement for the measures of prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing is that the Bitcoin Global does not enter into transactions exceeding defined limit or establish relationships related to transactions exceeding defined limit with anonymous or unidentified persons.

2.2. Legislation and standards of the market require that the Bitcoin Global waives a transaction or the establishment of a business relationship if a person fails to provide sufficient information to identify the person or about the purpose of the transactions or if the operations of the person involve a higher risk of money laundering or terrorist financing. Also, legislation requires Bitcoin Global to terminate a continuing contract without the advance notification term if the person fails to submit sufficient information for application of customer due diligence measures.

2.3. Bitcoin Global reserves the right, taking into account the special requirements and restrictions provided by and/or internal policies/procedures, to use the services of a third parties – providers of Anti-Money Laundering, Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) screening services, AML/CFT tools, services of watchlist checks, providing the information about politically exposed persons (PEP) etc.

2.4. For the purposes of this section, third parties include, for instance, agents, subcontractors and other persons to whom the Bitcoin Global transfers the information relating to transactions and Users. If Bitcoin Global does not provide otherwise for a particular User or group of Users, User identification may be provided by EU General data protection regulation (GDPR) compliant third-party, including online identification. Under this agreement you, as a User, grant consent to the transfer of your Personal data from to Bitcoin Global.

2.5. The User must take into account that, given the legal obligations under the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention laws and other relevant laws, Bitcoin Global should keep personal information of the Users, and such information cannot be removed or deleted by User’s request.

2.6. The User has legal obligation to inform the Bitcoin Global is, he/she is:

  • a politically exposed person;
  • a person whose place of residence or seat is in a country where no sufficient measures for prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing have been taken;
  • a person with regard to whose activities there is prior suspicion that the person may be involved in money laundering or terrorist financing;
  • a person with regard to whom international sanctions are imposed.

2.7. Legislation and/or internal policies/procedures require in certain cases that the Bitcoin Global waives a transaction or the establishing of a business relationship if a person fails to provide sufficient information to identify the person or about the purpose of the transactions or if the operations of the person involve a higher risk of money laundering or terrorist financing. Also, legislation and/or internal policies/procedures require the Bitcoin Global to terminate relationship, suspend account, transaction if the person fails to submit sufficient information for customer due diligence/compliance measures or for monitoring transactions.

3. Discontinuance or Change of Platform/Services

3.1. We may, in our sole discretion and without liability to you, with or without prior notice and at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any portion of our Platform or Services.

4. Rights of the User

4.1. The User has a right to refer to the support service with questions, claims, recommendations for work improvement, or with any other information.

4.2. The User has a right to view full, detailed and timely transaction information and other data from his User Wallet and Dashboard.

5. Obligations of the User

5.1. The User must comply with all the requirements of Terms of Service, along with all the safety rules for the Platform usage established by the Bitcoin Global, fully and unconditionally.

5.2. The User agrees that confidentiality of the data transmitted via the Internet isn't guaranteed in case when third parties get access to these data out of the communication facility zone subjected to the Bitcoin Global. Therefore Bitcoin Global shall not be liable for the damage caused by such an access.

5.3. Upon registration on the Platform, the User shall provide reliable and exact information about himself/herself and his/her contact information to the Bitcoin Global. 5.4. Upon registration on the Platform, the User sets login and password for the safety of which he/she bears full responsibility. The User is obliged to change his/her personal account login data immediately if there are reasons to suspect that his/her login, e-mail address and password were revealed or may be used by third parties.

5.5. When using the Platform, the User shall only enter data that corresponds to reality and do not contradict the current legislation. Otherwise, the Bitcoin Global has the right to block the User's operations.

5.6. The User shall follow all the requirements of the Bitcoin Global in order to help ensure functionality and safety of the Platform.

5.7. The User is to ensure the full absence of any malicious software on the computer: in case of any losses all the responsibility falls on the User.

5.8. The User shall not break safety rules and confidentiality of the Bitcoin Global.

5.9. The User shall report about any changes of personal information.

5.10. The User shall not use the access to the Platform and the Services to perform any illegal activity.

5.11. The User shall guarantee that he/she legally owns, uses and disposes of cryptocurrency, electronic money or fiat currency participating in the relevant transaction.

5.13.The User shall observe all the points of the Bitcoin Global Terms of Service. Violation of the Terms places responsibility for the losses of the Bitcoin Global, suffered as a result of such actions, on the User.

6. Rights of Bitcoin Global

6.1. Bitcoin Global has a right to make changes to the Platform, Services, their components and the Terms of the Bitcoin Global independently or by means of the third parties.

6.2. Bitcoin Global has a right to ask the User to follow the rules of work of the Platform, and also to meet safety requirements in terms of work with the Platform.

6.3. Bitcoin Global has a right to take any actions focused on the fulfilment of conditions of cooperation and actions necessary for safety and functionality of the Platform.

6.4. Bitcoin Global has a right to perform repairing and scheduled maintenance of the Platform at any time.

6.5. Bitcoin Global has a right to carry out control over the personal account of the User.

6.6. Bitcoin Global has a right to refuse the User’s access to the Platform and Services (all or part), set limits, suspend and/or permanently terminate the User’s account according to the section 9 “Restriction, Suspension or Termination” of these Terms of Service.

7. Obligations of Bitcoin Global

7.1. To fulfill and protect Bitcoin Global's rights and legal interests in fulfilling its obligations.

7.2. To fulfill the obligations specified in regulatory acts and laws.

7.3. Bitcoin Global shall provide the User with full and reliable information about the state of his/her personal account on the Platform.

7.4. Bitcoin Global shall ensure security of the User's data, report any losses, disclosure and unauthorized access by third parties through application of security systems technologies, implementation of the limited access mode and control of data access by authorized persons.

8. Fees

8.1. The fees and commissions for the provision of Services are determined by Bitcoin Global and published on the Bitcoin Global Platform.

8.2. Bitcoin Global has the right to change fees without additional notice to Users.

9. Restriction, Suspension or Termination

9.1. Bitcoin Global is entitled at its sole discretion to refuse the User’s access to the Platform and Services (all or part), set limits, suspend and/or permanently terminate the User’s account in case of a breach or in case of any suspicion of a breach of these Terms of Service, Bitcoin Global Privacy Policy or any applicable laws and regulations.

9.2. Bitcoin Global has the right to do any of the above actions if, in the opinion of Bitcoin Global, any of the following circumstances occur or Bitcoin Global considers such circumstance to be likely to occur:

  • complete or partial failure of the the Platform, including failure of any of the technologies constituting the the Platform or any communication channels within the Platform or between the he Platform and any other person or counterparty or any other circumstance, when Bitcoin Global considers that Bitcoin Global is not able to provide access to the Platform;
  • a breach in the security of the Platform;
  • in order to comply with law (including, but not limited to, a ban or restriction of any cryptocurrency);
  • detection of unusual and/or suspicious activity on the account; detection of unauthorized access to the account;
  • in connection with the procedural actions of governmental authorities in relation to a specific account and/or the User, criminal investigation or any legal process; by a court decision or decision of a governmental authority; if the User’s account and activities related to it have become the subject of judicial and administrative proceedings;
  • in connection with market conditions or conditions in relation to a particular cryptocurrency or pair, which justifies this as a necessary measure in the opinion of Bitcoin Global;
  • identification in the account of any illegal or suspicious activity, as well as activity related to money laundering, financing of terrorism on the account;
  • breaking by the User the applicable Anti-Money Laundering, Countering Financing of Terrorism laws and regulations;
  • using the account by a Sanctioned Person or by the person who is in, under control or a citizen/resident of a Sanctioned Country.

9.3. Any action taken by Bitcoin Global in accordance with this section will continue for a term determined at the discretion of Bitcoin Global.

9.4. The User agrees that any evasion of or any attempt to evade access restrictions, limits, suspension or termination in accordance with this section constitutes a material breach of these Terms of Service.

9.5. Taking any action in accordance with this section is a right and not an obligation of Bitcoin Global.

10. No Warranty, Limitation of Liability of the Bitcoin Global and Assumption of Risks

10.1. Services are provided "as is'', without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. In no event shall Bitcoin Global be liable for any claim, damages, lost profit or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the use of Platform and Services.

10.2. Without limiting the foregoing, Bitcoin Global does not represent or warrant that the Services and the Platform will be accurate, complete, continuous, uninterrupted, timely, reliable, up-to-date, error-free, or free of viruses or other harmful components.

10.3. The User agrees that, as with any asset, the values of digital currency (cryptocurrency) may fluctuate significantly and there is a substantial risk of economic losses when purchasing, selling, holding or investing in digital currencies (cryptocurrency). Prices may fluctuate on a daily basis. Such price fluctuations can increase or decrease the value of the User’s assets at any time. Any currency, whether cryptocurrency or not, can undergo significant fluctuations in value, as well as completely depreciate.

10.4. The User understands that all operations with digital assets (cryptocurrency) are irreversible and that the funds received as a result of the transaction can be returned only under a separate additional agreement/deal with the appropriate person.

10.5. Without limiting the foregoing, the User hereby understands and agrees that Bitcoin Global will not be liable for any losses or damages arising out of or relating to:

  • any inaccuracy, defect or omission of digital assets (cryptocurrencies) data;
  • any error or delay in the transmission of such data, interruption in transmitting/obtaining any such data;
  • any damages incurred by another User’s actions, omissions or violation of these Terms of Service.

10.6. The User agrees that Bitcoin Global is not liable for the issues that occur in the appropriate blockchain. We assume no responsibility for the operation of the underlying protocols and we are not able to guarantee the functionality or security of network operations. In particular, the underlying protocols may be subject to sudden changes in operating rules. The User is responsible for checking the publicly available information about certain digital assets, underlying protocols and blockchains and changes to them. Bitcoin Global will use its reasonable efforts to provide you notice of its response to any material operating change; however, such changes are outside of our control and may occur without notice to Bitcoin Global.

10.7. By using Bitcoin Global Services, the User acknowledges and agrees that: (1) he/she is aware of the risks associated with transactions of digital assets (cryptocurrencies); (2) he/she shall assume all risks related to the use of Bitcoin Global Platform and Services and transactions of digital assets (cryptocurrencies); (3) Bitcoin Global shall not be liable for any such risks, damages and lost profit; and (4) he/she understands that there may be other risks that Bitcoin Global cannot foresee or define in these Terms and Bitcoin Global shall not be liable for such risks.

10.8. The user understands and agrees that the amount of funds that he/she sends must correspond to the amount specified in the terms of the trade. Sending the part of the amount of funds specified in the terms of the trade is deemed as a violation of the terms of the trade. In this case, it is considered that the payment has not been received, and Bitcoin Global shall not be liable for any losses thereby.

10.9.The User acknowledges and agrees that in case if the deposit is made from the network (Token standard) which is not supported by Bitcoin Global and/or if the withdrawal is made to the network (Token standard) which is not supported by recipient and/or if the network (Token standard) wrongly selected by the User the User may lose the funds. In such cases, the User himself/herself bears responsibility for his/her inaccurate and incorrect actions and also carries the risk of losing funds. Bitcoin Global in any case will not compensate for such losses.

10.10. The Platform may contain links to third-party(ies) websites and direct the Users to other websites. Such websites are not under control of Bitcoin Global; furthermore, publication of links does not mean that Bitcoin Global approves such websites. Bitcoin Global does not provide any warranties or representations and does not bear any responsibility with regard to the accuracy, content, terms of use, privacy policy, legality, reliability, perception, relevance, compliance with moral standards and other aspects related to such websites. In addition, your dealings or correspondence with such third parties are solely between you and the third parties.

The User must take precautions to make sure that everything he/she chooses to use is free from viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malware.

10.11. The User understands and agrees that Bitcoin Global can’t directly or indirectly be liable for, and/or have any obligations with respect to or in any other way guarantee the performance or payment of any transaction concluded by the User on the Platform and using blockchain and/or third parties’ services/technology (in part of functionality, proper performance, reliability, etc. of such blockchain/services/technology), and Bitcoin Global is not liable to the User or any other person for such transactions performed through the Platform.

10.12. Bitcoin Global does not provide financial, tax, legal, investment or other advice. Any information on prices, quotes, forecasts, profitability estimates or historical indicators is intended for informational purposes only and does not guarantee future results and is not an offer to buy or sell, or a recommendation to buy or sell any digital asset (cryptocurrency) or to perform any transaction. Bitcoin Global is not and cannot be considered the User’s financial consultant or fiduciary trustee. Before making the decision to buy, sell or hold any digital assets, you should conduct your own due diligence and/or consult your financial advisors. The User acknowledges that any use of the data or other content of the Platform is solely at the User’s responsibility.

10.13. The User acknowledges that the software and equipment he/she uses may not support certain functions of the Platform.

10.14. The disclaimer of implied warranties contained herein may not apply if and to the extent it is prohibited by the applicable law.

10.15. Nothing in these Terms shall and can be construed as excluding or limiting the liability of any of the parties for:

  • fraud or intentional misrepresentation;
  • other actions, the liability for which cannot be excluded or limited by virtue of the law.

11. Disputes Related to Trades

11.1. When a buyer and a seller are in disagreement over a trade either party or Bitcoin Global can start a dispute (‘Disputed trade’ or ‘dispute’) to initiate a mediation process related to cryptocurrency temporarily held by Bitcoin Global. Disputed trades are reviewed and resolved by Bitcoin Global support staff.

11.2. Disputes can only be started on trades that are open and marked/reported as paid by the buyer but not yet released/confirmed by the seller. Trades that are not marked/reported as paid by the buyer, have been released/confirmed by the seller, cancelled by the buyer, automatically cancelled, or already disputed and resolved are considered completed and cannot be disputed, reversed, or altered.

11.3. Disputes can only be started during the retention period of the trade data on the Platform.

11.4. User’s Unresponsiveness When you have placed an offer (announcement) which has not expired or you are involved in a cryptocurrency trade it is important that you remain active and available at least until the trade is completed, canceled, or resolved. This means that you must be able to provide a response to a request by Bitcoin Global support in a disputed trade within twenty-four (24) hours or you may be deemed as unresponsive and the dispute may be resolved against you for this reason alone.

11.5. Dispute Review During a dispute review Bitcoin Global support may give you instructions that you are required to follow. The instructions given to you may require you to provide proof of payment, proof that you have or have not received payment (e.g. bank transaction history), additional ID verification, photo, audio, or video evidence, or any other documents deemed relevant by Bitcoin Global. Failure to follow the instructions may lead to the dispute being resolved against you.

11.6. A disputed trade is most commonly resolved by Bitcoin Global support by moving the temporarily held cryptocurrency to the buyer or the seller of the disputed trade once the dispute resolution criteria are met. In rare situations where it is impossible to determine in whose favor the dispute should be resolved according to the dispute resolution criteria, Bitcoin Global may decide to resolve the dispute by splitting the temporarily held cryptocurrency between the buyer and the seller evenly or unevenly.

11.7. Dispute Resolution Criteria Bitcoin Global can resolve a disputed trade in the favor of a buyer when one of the following criteria are met:

  • the buyer has made payment according to the instructions provided by the seller, in accordance to the terms of trade, payment details in announcement and the buyer has provided sufficient, relevant and adequate proof that the payment was made according to these instructions;
  • the seller has become unresponsive.

Bitcoin Global can resolve a disputed trade in the favor of a seller when one of the following criteria are met:

  • the buyer has not provided payment or not provided payment in full;
  • the payment made by the buyer has been held/frozen/stopped by the payment provider;
  • the buyer has not provided payment according to the instructions provided to them by the seller, in accordance to terms of trade or announcement’s payment details;
  • the payment is made by a third party to the trade or the payment is made from a payment account not registered in the name of the buyer;
  • the buyer has become unresponsive.

If the buyer or the seller of a disputed trade provides fraudulent information or fraudulent documents or makes false claims or otherwise tries to force a certain outcome of a disputed trade the dispute may be immediately resolved against the user.

11.8. Incorrect Dispute Resolution If you believe Bitcoin Global has resolved a dispute you are a party of in a way which is not in accordance with these terms you have a right to request a review. To request a review you need to notify us and specifically request a review by contacting customer support no later than 120 days after the dispute resolution has been given.

11.9. Limitation of Liability Regarding Dispute Resolution You acknowledge that the dispute resolution is a service that we provide and which will be conducted in accordance with the terms of this Terms of Services. You agree and accept that we assume no responsibility for the outcome thereof and in any event our liability for dispute resolution is limited to the amount of fee payable to us.

In the event of an incorrect dispute resolution which is corrected in accordance with the terms of this Terms of Services, we assume no liability for any damage, costs or inconvenience.

12. Applicable Law and Other Disputes Resolution

12.1. These Terms of Service are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

12.2. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms (except disputes between users – sellers and buyers), or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be settled through negotiations.

12.3. If the parties fail to reach an agreement through negotiation any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Service shall be considered and finally resolved by The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).

12.4. And unless the parties agree otherwise in writing:

  • The place of arbitration shall be: London, United Kingdom.
  • The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be: English.
  • The number of arbitrators shall be: one.

12.5. Any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms is personal to you and Bitcoin Global and will be resolved solely through individual arbitration and will not be brought as a class arbitration, class action or any other type of representative proceeding. There will be no class arbitration or arbitration in which an individual attempts to resolve a Dispute as a representative of a group of individuals. Further, a Dispute cannot be brought as a class or other type of representative action, whether within or outside of arbitration, or on behalf of any other individual or group of individuals.

12.6. The parties agree that information on the arbitration, including, but not limited to, information on the content of any arbitral award, is confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties without written consent of the parties, unless otherwise stipulated by the law.

13. Indemnification for Third Party Claims

13.1. The User agrees to fully indemnify Bitcoin Global against, and hold harmless from, any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs, expenses, interest, awards, judgments, legal actions and penalties (including reasonable fees for outside counsel, lawyers, accountants and other outside consultants) suffered or incurred as a result of a third party claim against Bitcoin Global if such claim is caused by the User’s use of the Platform and Services (or use by any other person accessing the Services using the User’s account) or the User’s violation of any law or rights of any third party.

14. Intellectual Property Rights

14.1. You acknowledge and agree that all copyrights, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in and related to this Platform and our Services are exclusively the property of Bitcoin Global and our licensors. We grant you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable and limited license, subject to these Terms of Service, to access and use our Platform and Services, as well as related content, materials and information solely for approved purposes as permitted by us from time to time.

14.2. Any other use of the Platform and Services is expressly prohibited and you agree not to copy, transmit, distribute, sell, license, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, alter, maintain, enhance or otherwise modify, publish, or participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, or in any other way exploit any of the content related to the Platform and Services, in whole or in part.

15. Force Majeure

15.1. Bitcoin Global shall not be liable for delays, failure in performance or interruption of Platform and Services which occurred as a result of force majeure circumstances which the Bitcoin Global could neither foresee nor prevent by reasonable measures. Such circumstances include: natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, fires, wars, strikes, hostilities, riots, actions by public authorities, significant market volatility, interruption in telecommunications or Internet services or network provider services, failure of equipment and/or software etc.

15.2. The term of performance of obligations is automatically postponed for the entire period of force majeure.

16. Severability

16.1.If any term, clause or provision of these Terms is held unlawful, void or unenforceable, then that term, clause or provision will be severable from these Terms and will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other term, clause or provision of these Terms.

17. Communication with Bitcoin Global

17.1. The services may include certain communication from Bitcoin Global, such as service announcements, administrative messages and newsletters. It is implied that these communications play an important role in using the Platform and Services. As part of our Privacy Policy on providing total privacy to our Users, we also provide you the option of opting out from receiving e-mails or other means of communication from us. However, this may prevent us from providing effective service to the Users.

18. Other Provisions

18.1. These Terms are not boilerplate. If you disagree with them, believe that any should not apply to you, or wish to negotiate these terms, please contact us and immediately stop using the Platform and Services. Do not use Platform and Services until you agree with this Terms of Service.

18.2. We reserve the right to amend, modify, change or revise these Terms at any time, in our sole and absolute discretion and without prior notice. Any such changes in respect of your use of the Platform and Services will take effect when posted on the Bitcoin Global website https://bitcoin.global/ and not retroactively. If you do not agree to the revised Terms of Service, your sole and exclusive remedy is to promptly terminate your use of the Platform and Services and close your account.

18.3. Rules for the collection, storage and protection of Personal data received by Bitcoin Global from the Users are governed by Bitcoin Global Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is available through our website https://bitcoin.global/ and forms an integral part of these Terms of Service.