Verified user on Bitcoin Global

There is no KYC on our platform and you can instantly start trading after signing up. But we have the opportunity to become a Verified user and get a special mark that will be visible to other platform members. These users are more credible. For example, between two similar ads from a Verified and common account, the first most probably will receive more responses and will close the deal faster.

Most often, the “Verified by Bitcoin Global” mark is received by reliable exchange services or active users of our platform. If you want to become a Verified user, write to our support team at or follow this link and choose the “Other” topic in ticker creation.

We will review your profile, possibly request additional confirmations for your account and mark it Verified if it meets our requirements.

Account requirements

A verified user on Bitcoin Global must have:

  1. Account on the WhiteBIT with passed KYC. Bitcoin Global is a product of the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, so we can verify users through the exchange.
  2. 500+ trades with a total volume equivalent to 5 BTC. You should have more than a hundred transactions on Bitcoin Global. At the same time, it would be better if your trading volume for all these transactions exceeds 5 BTC. For us, this will be an indicator that you are actively trading and fulfilling your obligations to other users.
  3. Rating on the platform at least 99%. This rating depends on the reviews. When you complete a trade, you and your trading partner can leave feedback to each other. A large number of positive feedbacks will show us that you are a reliable user.
  4. 30%+ of unique trades with different users. Unscrupulous users can bypass the first two rules by trading with the same account. Thus, we include a rule that you must have 30% unique deals. For example, you have 500 trades. This means that 150 of them should be with different users, not with the same one.
  5. A verified account on other platforms and exchanges. This is not the required point but would be a plus for your verification. Most often this applies to exchange services. If we see that you have been trading on other platforms for a long time, we will make sure of your reliability. This is not the required point but would be a plus for your verification.

These are the main points by which we evaluate a potential verified user. In any case, the decision is always made individually and we might ask you for some additional data. If you have any questions, please write to