Errors on Bitcoin Global

Error 404: “Looks like we couldn’t find the page you are looking for”. You have followed a link that doesn’t exist, please try returning to the home page or clicking the back button in your browser.

Error 500: “It seems something went wrong on our side. Please, try again in a minute, we’ll fix everything up”. Perhaps right now we are improving and updating something on the website, wait for a little and the page will be available again.

Error while sending deal feedback: “Please select one of the options above”. If you receive this error, you want to leave a feedback for the transaction, but you haven’t chosen the feedback type. Choose one of three options: “Negative”, “Neutral”, or “Positive”, and try to send your feedback again.

Error: “You exceeded the max amount of active advertisements”. A new user can place a maximum 5 ads for each cryptocurrency. You are most likely trying to accommodate more. Wait until some of your trades are closed and you can place a new ad or remove irrelevant ads.