Bitcoin Global Affiliate Program

Invite friends to Bitcoin Global. Send them your referral link. They register by your link and start trading. Now you get a reward of 20% from friend's trade fees.

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You get one user registered on Bitcoin Global by your referral link.

This user completes the trade for 100 BTC.

You earn 20% commission on the Bitcoin Global trading fees. Your earned sum is 0.2 BTC.


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  1. You can link to any individual page, such as country listing or payment method listing, or anything else on Bitcoin Global.
  2. You will earn cryptocurrencies from the users who arrive to the site through your affiliate link, register and make trades.
  3. A visitor will be considered as your affiliate for 3 months.
  4. Payouts will be paid daily to your Bitcoin Global wallet
  5. Commissions will be paid for one year from the user's registration. Commission is based on the income the new user brings for Bitcoin Global (trading fees).
  6. Any foul play, such as misleading advertising or marketing is prohibited.
  7. Spam is prohibited. Spam includes sending unsubscribed private or public messages on forums/reddit, unsubscribed mass mailing, etc.
  8. Adding hidden iframes on a website in order to capture affiliates is prohibited. Only affiliate iframes or direct links to the webpage are allowed.
  9. Bitcoin Global has the right to disable any affiliate user at any time. If you breach the terms, your affiliate program will be terminated.

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