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Hi, where do you trade cryptocurrency?
Bob Crypto discoverer
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Accrued 20% from the referral fee

How it works?

1. Share the link

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2. Help referrals

Tell your friends about cryptocurrency and explain how to trade on Bitcoin Global

3. Earn

Get% of the commissions of all referrals and continue to expand your network

My earnings through referrals

Let's calculate how much you can earn with the BG referral program

My referrals 20
Daily trading volume 1000$

The standard bonus you receive for every trading commission paid by your referrals

Potential income

+ 4 USD

Can you bring a lot of referrals?

If you have a lot of blog subscribers or you are a cool trader with your network of partners, contact our manager and get premium conditions for the referral program. They will help you earn even more!

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Can you bring a lot of referrals?



How is the commission from my referrals calculated?
When are accruals made?
What do I receive accruals for?
What cannot be done within the program?
Can my referral program end?