Comparing Bitcoin Global to other P2P platforms

The P2P platform is an aggregator of cryptocurrency buy and sell ads. You can filter ads by different parameters, exchange fiat for cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

How does the peer-to-peer platform work?

Let’s have a look at the process of trading on a P2P platform using a simple example. Imagine we have two users Bob and John.

  1. 1 Bob publishes an ad to sell cryptocurrency.
  2. 2 John finds this ad and wants to buy cryptocurrency, so he writes to Bob.
  3. 3 Bob submits his payment details.
  4. 4 John sends Bob fiat money.
  5. 5 Bob receives fiat and sends cryptocurrency.
Peer To Peer

P2P platform guarantees the security of the transaction. When the transaction begins, the cryptocurrency is reserved in the escrow account. If Bob disappears, John will still receive the cryptocurrency he paid for. If John doesn’t send fiat, Bob can end the trade and get his crypto back.


What are the features of P2P platforms?

As you can see, it’s quite easy to buy cryptocurrency on P2P. There is usually no KYC and you can make transactions immediately after registration. Transactions on P2P are very fast. The waiting time depends only on the load of the blockchain network.

P2P platforms provide the ability to trade various cryptocurrencies and store them in a hot wallet. P2P often has mobile applications that duplicate website functionality, and APIs for integration with other services.

Differences between Bitcoin Global and other platforms

We try to do everything to make trading on Bitcoin Global convenient for users. That’s why we are constantly expanding and improving the functionality of the platform.

Below we tell you what features we have right now.

Telegram bot


If you use Telegram, you can make deals without leaving the messenger. Search ads, chat with other users, create your own ads and conduct transactions with our efficient crypto bot.



Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX) and Tether (USDT) are currently available on Bitcoin Global. You can exchange them for 50+ fiat currencies. To protect your money, we use an escrow system and reserve cryptocurrency until the other party transfers fiat. So when you buy and sell on Bitcoin Global, you can be sure that transactions are safe.

Referral program


Have we convinced you to sign up and trade with us? That’s not all! We have a convenient and understandable referral program. No extra steps are needed, just copy the link from your personal account and send it to a friend. After a friend’s registration, you will receive 20% of his/her fees during the year.

Mobile application


We have made a mobile application for iOS and Android. In it, you can simply store the cryptocurrency, both in the wallet, and make transactions. Within the app, you can filter and search ads, respond to them, communicate with trading partners, conduct deals, and leave reviews. Everything is the same as on the site, only with instant push notifications. With our mobile app, you will definitely not miss any updates on your deals.

WhiteBIT codes


We are a P2P platform who has partnership with the well-known WhiteBIT crypto exchange, and therefore we actively cooperate with them. At Bitcoin Global, you can create and activate WhiteBIT codes. These codes help to exchange cryptocurrencies quickly and without fees. With the code, you reserve a certain amount from your wallet and transfer it to another user in encrypted form. This user can activate the code and receive money into his/her account. You can use codes as a payment method or a gift.