Security guide

Protect your cryptocurrencies with a secure login.

1. Two-factor authentication

We strongly recommend you to enable two-factor authentication in your profile settings to improve the security of your account.


What is two-factor authentication and how does it work?

Two-factor authentication allows you to enable additional verification when logging into your account. It will ask for a one-time code in addition to the password. The code is generated by the application for two-factor authentication. We work with different apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, but we recommend you to use Google Authenticator.

Setting up two-factor authentication will take a few minutes. But it allows you to prevent more than 99% of hacker attacks, because one-time codes are almost impossible to steal, unlike passwords.

2. Use your login history

Bitcoin Global keeps your login history, which you can see on your account page. If you notice suspicious activity or logins from unknown browsers, we recommend changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication.


3. Don’t use the same passwords on different sites

If you use the same passwords, an attacker can find out only one password and hack several of your accounts on different services and platforms, including Bitcoin Global.

4. Don’t use Tor Browser

Using this browser carries the risk of stealing your cryptocurrencies. Choose another browser and try to use it only for working with Bitcoin Global.

5. Don’t participate in transactions outside the Bitcoin Global

We strongly recommend you to conduct all communications about transactions on the Bitcoin Global platform. In this case, you can contact the support service or open a dispute on the transaction if any suspicions will appear. If you leave the platform and face fraudsters, we couldn’t help you.

6. Don’t login the site through shared computers and other devices

Don’t use shared computers especially in Internet cafes and other places or cryptocurrency operations. Hackers can use keyloggers and other devices to steal your identity.

7. Always check the website url

When you visit the site, make sure you are logging into and not a phishing domain with a similar name. Fraudsters often register similar domain names. Add to your bookmarks and try to enter the site only through it.


8. Additional security measures

Don’t install pirated software or browser extensions on your computer that you don’t trust for 100%. If possible, allocate a separate computer to work with Bitcoin Global, which will not be used for other services.